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“Curated cocktail menu”

Each bespoke cocktail has been engineered by our head mixologist around a hero ingredient that has been sourced from either local foraged ingredients, the Kinsale Neighbour Food farmers market or local distilleries.


You will always find something different and creative at Rare. Each season our mixologist also curates a menu of specials, so, each time you visit there is something new and exciting for you to experience.


See below a sample of some of our cocktails

01 . The Perfect Spritz,

We aren’t actually trying to claim that we have the best spritz in the world, although we are pretty proud of it. What our ‘perfect’ spritz is all about is the perfect combination of vermouth similar to that which you would find in the perfect manhattan, an equal amount of sweet and dry vermouth, our own special rare blend. This is cut beautifully with Blacks Of Kinsale gin and finished with a premium prosecco, ice cold, bottled and ready for you to have your own sparkling moment.

Sweet & Dry Vermouth, Bubbles, Blacks Of Kinsale Gin.

02 . Mexican Rabbits,

18 month aged tequila and Blacks Tropical IPA you might think are unlikely partners, however, the exotic fruits and hops combined with the agave elements of the tequila are in actual fact a perfect pair. Surprisingly smooth while also being refreshing, unexpected in the best possible way. 

Tequila, Agave, Mango, Hops, Absinthe on the nose.

03 . Dark Side Of The Moon,

An experimental barrel-aged peach moonshine called for an experimental cocktail. So, we would like to introduce you to a beautiful peach & orange cocktail with a dark side, a stout float eclipse. It’s so good you’ll be calling all your friends saying “wish you were here”.


Peach Alcohol, Bitter Orange, Smooth Chocolate & Vanilla Stout Finish. Blacks Of Kinsale barrel aged peach moonshine & imperial chocolate & vanilla stout.

04 . Clarity!,

The technique we use to create our delicious ‘Clarity!’ cocktails is always the same, a clarifying technique originating in the 1600s that gives these cocktails an amazing rich silky smooth feeling in your mouth like nothing you’ve ever tasted. We like to create new variations of this all the time, so, just ask if you know what we are inventing this week.

Seasonal Clarified Punch Using Rums, Whiskeys And Seasonal Ingredients.

05 . Fashion Is (Pea)Nuts,

Blacks of Kinsale distillery and brewery have been the inspiration for this whole menu and that is the most evident with this cocktail where their single malt 8 year old maple syrup cask finish whiskey is the star of the show. It’s been washed with peanut butter and paired up with some incredible complimentary bitters to give you an old fashioned experience you’ll never forget.

Peanut, Maple, Whiskey, Chocolate Notes, Blacks Of Kinsale Maple Syrup Cask Finish  8 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey.

06 . Mai Oh Mai,

Maita’i roa a’e roughly translates to ‘the best’. According to legend this is what Trader Vic’s Tahitian friends exclaimed when first tasting the rum cocktail that, as a result of that endorsement, would become known as the Mai Tai.

So, how do you improve upon ‘the best’. Here in Rare we decided that our own aged rum blend mixed with our house made curacao and orgeat was so good, that all it needed, was time. We placed our cocktail into a char level 1 white oak barrel for   30 days. This allowed it to mellow and to pick up some incredible subtle vanilla and spice notes from the wood, Mai Oh Mai!  We exclaimed, it’s good.

Rare Rum Blend, Orgeat, Curacao.